Rates & Policies

Listed below, you will find examples of our current Residential water rates as follows:  

Minimum:  $20.00 - includes first 1,000 gallons

Usage Rate:  $8.15 gal.  /1,000 gal.


Primacy Fee: One-time annual fee required by the department of Natural Resources. 

To learn more please go to DNR Primacy Fees .

For addition information please contact our office.

Average Billing Examples

Water Amount
Usage (gal.): Bill Total:
1,000 $20.00
3,000 $36.30
5,000 $52.60
10,000 $93.35

* Sewer rates are set by the cities of Pleasant Valley and Glenaire, the Water Department serves as their billing agent only.

*Disconnect/Reconnect Fee : $100.00 and account must be brought current.   

*NSF Fee: $30.00 + applicable disconnect fee and account must be brought current.

*All 5/8" Meters have a $140.00 deposit.  Larger meter deposit set by Manager.